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Company Health Check

We carry out audit of a company's records, to determine whether there are any secretarial issues outstanding. 

Share Allotments and Transfers
Occasionally, it is necessary to issue new shares or transfer existing ones to new owners. We advise on the rules governing this, which are contained in your Articles of Association and prepare all resolutions. 


Preparation and Filing of Resolutions
Decisions made by a company should be validated by the passing of any appropriate resolutions. Some of these resolutions have to be filed with the Registrar  of Companies, occasionally with supporting documentation and forms, in order to be effective. We advise on and prepare any necessary resolutions and ensure these are filed. 


Memorandum and Articles of Association
The Memorandum states what objectives the company has, what it can do and anything it is specifically prohibited from doing. The Articles are the company's constitution, detailing how the company's administration should be conducted. 


Although both can be changed after incorporation, the approval of the shareholders has to be obtained by passing Special Resolutions. We advise whether any alteration is required, and if so, suggest appropriate amendments and wording. We prepare the resolutions and file them, with supporting documentation, at Companies House. 


Company Formation
SVMD Services also act in the formation of companies, supplying "instant" companies off the shelf, incorporated in a standard form or incorporating companies with more specific and sophisticated capital structures etc. 


The services described are not exhaustive of those SVMD Services offer. Please contact us if you would like to informally discuss your specific requirements.